About Us

Our law office is duly Incorporated as Ken E. Mozia & Co. with RC No.  BN 957612 on  16th February, 2001.

Our Head Office is at Plot 87A, Okoro-Otun Avenue, Off Ikpokpan Road, G.R.A., Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria which is a purpose built law office in a serene environment conducive to research and due practice of law.  All the lawyers, administrative and secretarial staff in our employment have offices within our office complex.  So is our library.  There is a guest chalet within the premises for use in providing accommodation for law officers on National Youth Service and visiting colleagues.  There is a spacious and adequate parking space for use by counsel, clients, and visitors.  Our main aim is to render qualitative legal services as may be required of us in a comfortable environment.

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